Smoke from Anything – Finn Jon

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Finn Jon doesn’t smoke, yet he has made a magical tool for smoking that can be yours now!
Every single item is made by Finn Jon personally!
When you perform this trick, you can make smoke pour from whatever you want: pencils, cards, cutlery, matchboxes, glasses or your fingertips as you blow large clouds of smoke fromyour mouth. You can repeat it several times and your hands are empty – except for the borrowed objects from which you are smoking, of course.For example, you can show that your hand is empty and then close it. Without putting anything in or hiding anything in your hand, you can suck on your thumb like your whole hand was a pipe and blow clouds and clouds of smoke!
You can «smoke» anything you wish; pencils, playing cards, cutlery, mathboxes, spectacles, fingertips, flowers and canes . . . and blow huge clouds of smoke from your mouth. You can do this repeatedly and your hands are always empty, except for the object you are smoking of course!
Take your empty hand, close it and begin to suck on your thumb and if your hand were a pipe, and blow out huge puffs of smoke, from no where!
Remember that you’re not hiding anything in your mouth and you’re not using any chemical substances. Whether you want to use the trick as part of your regular performance or you want to improvise, say you want to impress some journalists for instance, we recommend this little illusion with great gusto!
Comes complete with gimmick and full instructions.

Made in Norway by Finn Jon.


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